About Us

Cleracomms exists to provide coaches, tutors and therapists with the help and support they need to understand how tech can benefit their business, boost their tech confidence, and achieve their business goals.

Cleracomms was founded by Lewis Gray in 2022, after a 10 year career where he supported managers to clearly communicate complex change projects in plain English.

Cleracomms brings together Lewis’s passion for clear communication and tech, supporting people to achieve their business ambitions by demystifying tech and making it easier to understand.

Throughout his career, Lewis recognised that many exceptional people are held back from achieving their goals by tech — and he realised he could help.

Lewis applies his knowledge of improving back office admin processes and tech skills to help small business owners achieve more, without overwhelming them with technobabble.

At Cleracomms, we help our customers by:

  • Building your confidence with tech

  • Supporting you to develop everyday practical tech skills

  • Guiding you to the right solutions for your business

  • Taking care of the tech for you with our Tech Buddy service

To start your journey to conquering the tech in your business, please get in touch.

"Don't work hard on hard work. Work hard on valuable work."